• White Living Room

    Building Parque Oriente

    Office building in the commune of Las Condes

  • Building

    New South Wales

    Exclusive Office Neighborhood in the city of Santiago

  • Brown Living Room

    U. Andes Clinic

    Commitment and Professionalism is what sets us apart

Projects Development and Management

It is a company with a real estate tradition, which has developed large projects in the area of ​​offices and housing, oriented to meet the needs of its clients, seeking first level projects through innovation and avant-garde. The objective of Proyecta is to develop projects with high quality standards, always focusing on meeting the needs of the actors involved.

Proyecta has a multidisciplinary team that is responsible for carrying out projects in various markets, such as office buildings, housing buildings, hospitals, casinos, among others.

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Team Member

Marcelo Cox Vial

General Manager

After a great trajectory as Director of important groups and companies at a national level, Marcelo started to position himself in the market of real estate development as General Manager, and managing partner of Proyecta. Among the most important projects that stand out, we find the great majority of buildings in the Nueva Las Condes sector, developed under the highest quality standards and certifications at the national level. Today, Proyecta is exploring new possibilities in the Latin American region.

Team Member

Luis Felipe Gilabert P.

Commercial manager

With one hundred thousand square meters built, Felipe has served as Commercial Manager in important real estate in the country, being a key player in the development of large-scale urban projects, such as Nueva Las Condes. From 2000 until today, Felipe has consolidated his position as Commercial Manager and Project Manager, a company that has developed emblematic projects such as the Casino Monticello, Clínica Universidad de los Andes, Torre Nueva Santa María, among many others.